The Duo Glass

Learn what makes the Duo Glass the best whiskey and cocktail glass

Product Features

Integrated Measuring

1 oz pour indicators blown into the inner wall of the glass allow for pouring and measuring directly in the glass

Double Wall Insulated

Cold or Hot, the double wall design keeps drinks at the temperature you want for longer

Ice-Ball Ready

The base of the inner wall is hand blown to the exact specifications of the included 2” ice ball mold

Reduced Condensation

The double wall design minimizes condensation on the exterior of the glass. Eliminates the need for coasters!

Hand Blown

A sophisticated hand blown design that provides lightweight elegance. Only 5.6 oz in weight! 

Premium Packaging

Each gift box is hand made with subtle UV print on the outside. Convoluted foam within provides an over the top, smart phone like unboxing experience

"If you're a true whiskey lover, you need this glass"

– Food & Wine Magazine

"Packaging was like unboxing a high end smartphone, very premium, very cool"

– K Miller | Dublin, Ireland

"This is how a Kickstarter campaign should be run! The glasses are awesome. My expectations have been exceeded."

– E. Tisdale | Wilmington, NC

"Thank you for creating such a gorgeous product!"

– K. Romano | Houston, TX

"This is the best ice-ball glass I have ever used"

– @SingleMaltAlliance

"This cocktail glass with integrated measuring is the perfect gift!"

– GQ Magazine

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