Introducing the Oasis Micro Bar - Made in Chicago

Today we're very excited to launch and introduce our newest product, the Oasis Micro Bar. The Oasis Micro Bar is a product that is the result of challenging ourselves to manufacture a product here in our home of Chicago. It certainly presented new challenges from a logistics, supply chain, and design perspective that were new to us and we had to solve. While on surface level the Oasis shelf is a simple product, the process for us has been very rewarding to work locally and manufacturer a product in Chicago. 


The actual product we created because as spirits enthusiasts we had bottles stashed all over our homes. We've gone through various solutions over the years such as liquor cabinets and bar carts, but we wanted something different. The Oasis provides storage, acts as a display, and simply is convenient for those every day pours from your favorite bottles. 

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