Infusion Bundle

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Limited Supply!  We have teamed up with Chicago based Aged & Infused to offer this limited bundle. 

Have a bourbon that just didn't make the cut?  We got you covered.  Place the Aged & Infused Kit in the Aged & Ore glass decanter, fill with bourbon/whiskey.   The next day you are ready to enjoy and serve the familiar Old Fashioned flavors of tangy oranges, warm cinammon + clove in in our neat glass.  Add 1 cube to chill.

 Only 120 available.

 Bundle Includes:

  • 1 Aged & Infused Navel Gazer Infusion Pack
  • 1 Aged & Ore Neat Glass
  • 1 Aged & Ore 500ml Hand Blown Glass Decanter learn more about Aged & Infused click here.