Spirits Flight - Aged&Ore
Spirits Flight - Aged&Ore
Spirits Flight - Aged&Ore
Spirits Flight - Aged&Ore
Spirits Flight - Aged&Ore
Spirits Flight - Aged&Ore

Spirits Flight

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The Aged & Ore Spirits Flight is made up of custom-designed lead-free crystal tasting glasses with tasting indicators at 1/2 oz — the ideal amount for tastings. Each glass is laser etched with A, B, C, and D to match a silicone bottle tag that fits over the neck of the bottle that is being poured, ideal for blind tastings. The tags then fit on the base of the glass locking them into the raised powder-coated aluminum flight tray, which can be stored vertically when the tasting is over.

 *Flat hook not included

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Product Features


The powder-coated aluminum tray keeps the tasting glasses elevated off the ground and secured in place in the tray. Built in handles on the sides of the tray make carrying simple and spill-proof.


The silicone Bottle Tags fit around the base of the glasses beneath the tray to hold them in place for storage.


The Silicone Bottle Tags in each set match the letter engraved on each glass to make identifying pours in tastings easy. No more scratch paper or tape needed to mark each pour!


Custom designed lead-free crystal tasting glasses have a narrowed mouth & flared lip to combine for the ideal nosing and drinking experience. The widest part of the glass indicates an approximately 1/2 oz pour, which is the perfect amount for a tasting.


Each silicone bottle tag is double sided. One side has the paired tasting glass letter, while the other side has our logo. This allows for either side to be visible on the bottle, depending if you want a blind tasting or not.


When the glasses are locked in place with the Bottle Tags, you can hang the Spirits Flight vertical for convenient storage and display.