Duo Glass - Aged&Ore
Duo Glass - Aged&Ore
Duo Glass - Aged&Ore
Duo Glass - Aged&Ore
Duo Glass - Aged&Ore
Duo Glass - Aged&Ore

Duo Glass

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The Duo Glass is a hand blown 10 oz double wall borosilicate glass that is crafted to insulate, measure, and compliment your every drinking experience. 

The double wall design of the Duo glass insulates better and reduces condensation so that no coasters are necessary.  The rounded inner glass perfectly cradles a large ice ball - a silicone ice mold is included with every glass. The integrated 1 oz measuring lines blown into the inner glass wall allow for easy measuring and make it a cinch to craft cocktails directly in the glass. 

Caring for your Duo Glasses: 

While the Duo glass can be cleaned in the dishwasher - we do not recommend it for the longevity of the product. Being that they are hand made, the manufacturing consistency will vary from glass to glass -- something to appreciate! 

As you can see in the image below, each hand blown glass has a 'plug' that maintains the air seal between the inner and outer glass. The more frequently these are blasted with the hot water cycle of the dishwasher, the likelihood of this hand inserted seal opening up increases. 

 Keep your glasses for a long time... hand wash them!


International Shipment:  

Aged & Ore absorbs an average of 40% of all International Shipments to reduce the additional fees International customers may face.  Please note our 2 International Shipment policies -- We appreciate your business.

*Shipping prices do not include Customs, Duty, Taxes, or any other importing fees for international orders.

*Cannot mark shipment as a gift or different declared value.


Wholesale and Customization:  

Innovation and Collaboration are  the 2 foundations of Aged & Ore.  If you are interested in distributing our products or taking advantage of our innovative design capabilities please reach out to us via contact@agedandore.com.  Cheers


Return Policy:  

Aged & Ore products are designed to deliver exceptional quality and a premium experience. We back that up with our satisfaction guarantee and return policy. If within 30 days you would like a refund or exchange, simply email us at contact@agedandore.com to initiate the return or exchange. We can then send you a return shipping label that can be used to ship the product back to us and finish processing your request. 



"If you're a true whiskey lover, you need this glass" - Food & Wine | January 2018

Duo Cocktail Glasses - Uncrate | January 2018

"The Duo glass might be the best whiskey glass around" - Cool Material | January 2018

"This is the only cocktail glass you will ever need" - Urban Daddy | January 2018

"This handblown, all-purpose whiskey and cocktail glass is a must have for every gentleman" - FHM | February 2018

Whats makes the Duo Glass so special?

Check out the unique product features below.

Double-Wall Insulated

Our vacuum insulation helps keep your drink at the perfect temperature for literally hours on end. Our hand-blown borosilicate glass is lightweight and comfortable to carry or hold.

Integrated Measuring

The duo glass features integrated measuring lines so that you can perfectly measure cocktails and mixed drinks without using a shaker or jigger. Each of the 8 lines perfectly measures 1 oz. 

ice-ball mold included

Not only is the Duo Glass purposefully designed to perfectly cradle a large ice-ball, each glass comes packaged with a silicone ice-ball mold. 

reduced condensation

The double wall design minimizes condensation on the exterior of the glass. Eliminates the need for coasters!

hand crafted

A sophisticated hand blown design that provides lightweight elegance. Only 5.6 oz in weight! 

Premium Packaging

Each gift box is hand made with subtle UV print on the outside. Convoluted foam within provides an over the top, smart phone like unboxing experience