Travel Decanter - Aged&Ore
Travel Decanter - Aged&Ore
Travel Decanter - Aged&Ore
Travel Decanter - Aged&Ore
Travel Decanter - Aged&Ore
Travel Decanter - Aged&Ore

Travel Decanter

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Enjoy your favorite spirits, cocktails, or wine wherever your travels take you. The Aged & Ore travel decanter set features a spill proof 500ml hand-blown glass decanter that sits inside a set of double wall insulated stainless steel tumblers to avoid leaks, spills, scratches or broken glass. 

Check out the product features below! 


Product Features

The Travel Decanter

hand-blown glass

Each glass decanter is hand blown with a wide mouth and neck to make filling and pouring alcohol easy, quick and convenient. The mouth is wide enough to drop ice cubes directly into the decanter for ready made cocktails, sangria or chilled wines and liquors.

integrated tumblers

The stainless steel container doubles as 2 insulated drinking tumblers for you to pour your favorite drinks and cocktails directly into. We've even included 2 oz integrated pour lines to help you measure cocktails and proper pours. No need for extra glassware or cups!

500 ml capacity

The prefect volume that balances a travel friendly size, with the right amount of liquid. Whether it's spirits, wine, or cocktails, fill with the perfect amount for the occastion. 

metal decanter stopper

We rigorously prototyped and tested this unique design to account for extreme durability and a truly secure spill proof product.


The Aged & Ore double insulated travel decanter was designed to safely and securely preserve your favorite whiskeys, wines and cocktails wherever your adventures take you.

patent-pending design

Our expert design team has perfectly balanced structural durability with a lightweight design. All the glass, steel and silicone combine to a total weight of 1.7 pounds which is comparable to the weight of most double insulated thermos bottles and drinkware containers.